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Assessment of impacts of industrial activities on biodiversity plays a key role for protection of biodiversity in terms of environmental sustainability.
As Polisan Holding, aspects regarding biodiversity are evaluated in all of our projects and capacity increases pursuant to Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Regulation.
Our plant in Dilova district of Kocaeli province is situated within organized industrial estate; location and impact area of our plant is now within "Areas to be Protected Pursuant to Our National Legislation", "Areas to be Protected Pursuant to International Conventions that Our Country is a Party of " and "Susceptible Areas" as specified in EIA Regulation. Therefore, we currently have not made an attempt to prepare biodiversity action plan (BAP) or initiate biodiversity with any non-government organization or any specialist and/or institution concerned with the subject. However, our company planted 100,000 trees by spending TL 20 Million within frame of "Forestation Law" on a land of 2000 decares which is taken over from Ministry of Forestry for a period of 49 for protection purposes with the intent of developing the local ecosystems. Also, our company contributes to the preservation of biodiversity through effective management of environmental aspects such as natural resource efficiency, waste, waste water, emission etc.
We support WWF-Turkey’s “Life of Turkey” Campaign to protect biodiversity
We support WWF-Turkey’s “Turkey’s Life Campaign”. Our donation helps WWF-Turkey to raise funds to support local conservation projects which aim to protect wildlife and species under threat in Anatolia.
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In line with our commitments of improving the lives of the public and our customers by offering high quality, environmentally friendly, healthy products and services, complying with technology and quality, health, safety and environmental conditions as included in our policies, we participated in the program by undersigning Responsible Care Commitment with our Polisan Paint, Poliport Chemical and Polisan Chemical companies. We are carrying out studies compliant with this program implemented on subjects of Occupational Health and Safety, Protection of Environment and Technical Safety throughout the world by Turkish Chemical Manufacturers Association (TKSD).
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Our AdBlue© product minimizes air pollution, resource utilization, and consequently the impact of climate change by reducing NOx exhaust gas emissions by 80% and offering savings at the rate of 4% in diesel consumption.
Polisan Chemical which is one of the companies of the group has been the largest manufacturer and dealer of AdBlue product which is obligatory for use in trucks, buses, construction vehicles and light commercial vehicles and used for converting harmful exhaust gases into water vapor and inert nitrogen, in Turkey since 2010.
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Polisan Holding, takes active part in management of grenhouse gases in all three main fields of activity since 2012: Polisan Kansai Paint, Polisan Chemical and Poliport Chemical. Our climate change fighting activities are ongoing with the principles of "measure, reduce, offset". All of our studies regarding climate change in our fields of activity are in compliance with ISO 14064-1 Standard and Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG) "Calculation and Reporting Standards". We measure our Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions according to these standards and we are starting to include our Scope 3 emissions too.
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CDP Program based in United Kingdom is a reporting system which allows the companies that are coordinated by Sabanc? University in our country, provinces, states and counties to measure and measure their environmental impacts. The program has a systematic and comprehensive corporate databank which is recognized as one of the most prestigious and widespread environment initiatives that contain environmental information on global scope, with the support of the stakeholders and investors. In this respect, it is a platform which is the most referred by investors while making their investment decisions, in the environmental performance field.
As Polisan, we participated in the program in January 2017 since it is parallel with our corporate sustainability strategy and presented our report which includes our performance under headings of Emission Management, Governance and Strategy, Management of Risks and Opportunities. These reports are accessible upon request of our partners, stakeholders, customers and all other concerned parties.
Our performance grade was announced as C (Awareness) according to the results of the evaluation made by Sabanc? University Corporate Management Forum and Deloitte. Being among 108 companies invited to the program this year, we got ahead of “Disclosure (D)” level which only declares performance and were awarded with “C (Awareness)” level due to our efforts concerning application in this subject.
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Use of 30/40mm aluminium profiles for construction of equipment housings or screens and guards in machine shops has become a standard system in manufacturing industry and other industrial environments. These new handles from Elesa are a great help in providing door pull handles for machines and associated protective devices.

Elesa tubular handles with either pass-through or fixed-end mounts act as bridge or grab door handles for single or double handed operation on heavier panels. Their offset mounting enables operation from the side or use on opposing doors where a straight installation would produce conflict or interference in operation.

Elesa M.1053 series tubular lift and pull handles in 30mm dia. aluminium are either epoxy coated or anodised – standard colours are black, grey or white with matching glass reinforced polyamide mountings.

Further information regarding Elesa Profile Compatible products may be found at: or follow them on twitter:
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The EPOS4 Compact positioning controllers from maxon are ready for effortless, industrial Ethernet connectivity.

The devices from the successful EPOS4 Compact series can now also be incorporated into EtherCAT networks, thereby creating new opportunities for a huge range of applications.

The space-saving design of maxon's EPOS4 Compact positioning controllers has already won them plenty of admirers in the CANopen world. Now the controllers speak an extra language: The new EtherCAT models comply with the CoE standard (CAN application layer over EtherCAT) and can be easily integrated into existing EtherCAT networks... read more
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When mixing bulk solids, residues can pose the threat of cross contamination or introducing product impurities so what are the options for mixer cleaning if these threats are to be avoided.
As rinsing mixer and screw with water and cleaning agents brings unwanted moisture into the system which can cause creation of lumps in the product, wet spots behind O-rings or gaskets and generate vast quantities of contaminated water or other cleaning fluids that have to be dealt with, here we consider the best dry cleaning approaches to minimise the propagation of bacteria.
Stewart Bryan, Hosokawa Micron Ltd, suggests, ‘Let us firstly look at the options to reduce the cleaning effort required by reviewing the process design, the vessel used, material transfer steps and any liquid additions. It is often the case that original processes are simply repeated even though the products involved have changed thus generating your own problem. Often it is difficult to review the process without bias and you may find speaking with a powder processing specialist such as Hosokawa can help.
Secondly look at the mixer design, what are the features that will aid dry cleaning regimes for minimising cross contamination’.
  • Conical mixer designs, with inclined surfaces and gravity discharge leave little opportunity for powders to form residues. In the case of the Hosokawa Vrieco Nauta Conical Mixer there are no horizontal or vertical partitions or sharp corners and as few joints, flanges and seals as possible come into contact with the product eliminating the potential to harbour residue.
  • For restriction free discharge a central bottom outlet offers best options for complete emptying.
  • In a conical screw mixer opt for open screw flights.
  • Powders simply slide off smooth surfaces without seams so a one part mixer is ideal for dry cleaning. With these and other sanitary design features only an extremely low amount of residue (<0.05%) remains when the Vrieco Nauta mixer is emptied, minimising the risk of subsequent batch contamination
Common deposit collection zones
Zone 1 is the surfaces above the product level of the filled mixer, mainly caused by dust, dispersed by filling. This can easily be blown away by compressed air.
Zone 2 is the surface of the vessel below the filling level, in contact with the movement of powders. Addition of liquids to the mixture will increase adhesion to the mixer wall. Cleaning with a cloth may remove such residue.
Zone 3 the mixing screw and in particular the underside of the blades can be difficult to clean without brushes and friction tools to break the residue from its bond with the blade.
Whilst CIP dry cleaning of residues is both difficult and time and labour intensive Hosokawa Micron Ltd suggests a number of solutions to enhance the cleaning of conical mixers that can be applied to both dry bulk powder mixing and moist mixtures containing a small percentage of liquid.
Enhanced Mixer Dry Cleaning
A large inspection door in the vessel wall creates an opening through which the operator can easily access all surfaces to be cleaned. Areas for special cleaning consideration include screw flights and the lower surface of the screw blade. The large opening also aids visibility of areas to be cleaned. The full and correct closure of this door is a significant safety factor when the mixer is in operation.
A semi domed cover, welded to the cone, offering a large radius and no crevices in which bacteria might settle offers enhanced cleanability.
Hosokawa’s Isem ball segment valve with its rounded interior surfaces reduces the possibility for material deposition to a minimum. An inspection port in the valve is available as standard. In case deposits have to be removed this can be done using special tools.
‘Of course there are many, mainly wet or sticky mixing applications where dry cleaning is not an option and wet cleaning is inevitable. In the case of the example, Vrieco Nauta mixer, there are enhanced wet CIP options that are more appropriate,’ explains Stewart Bryan.
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Increasing numbers of food processors are taking advantage of Hosokawa Micron’s FSSC 22000 food safety management, Halal and Kosher certified toll processing service to meet demands for improved cleanliness, purity and quality in food production.
Whether companies lack capacity, need access to specific processing technology or are not certified to handle certain ingredients or processes, cleaning regimes or product segregation, Hosokawa Micron can provide the solution.
Kathryn Hipkins, Technical Centre Manager, Hosokawa Micron Ltd comments, ‘We have over 50 years’ experience and expertise in food processing and can meet one off or on-going requirements in critical and high purity, batch production applications. Kosher and Halal foods is processed in our toll processing facility adhering to strict procedures to deliver a range of traceable, honest and pure goods. Our ability to process goods in accordance with strict procedures is increasingly of interest to those producing goods for those with food sensitivities and is becoming more widely accepted food production practice across a range of goods.’
With a range of equipment and food technologies to hand, including mixing, milling, separation, granulation, classifying, agglomeration and pack off available Hosokawa can meet a vast range of food processing requirements tailored to meet one off or regular production needs.
‘We can work with you to ensure optimum production from choice and design of powder processing and ancillary equipment, product control specifications and cleaning regimes to full batch production documentation, product quality guarantees and validation certificates and secure packaging so you can be confident in outsourcing even critical product production with Hosokawa Micron Ltd.
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During September, Electricfor's  electrical heating elements will be exhibited at two international trade fairs:  Innotrans and  Gastech, with the aim of positioning its electrical products catalogue related to the railway sector and heating in explosive atmospheres (ATEX).

InnoTrans is the largest international trade fair for the rail transport sector. Held biannually at the Messe Berlin exhibition centre, in each of its editions - which began in 1996 - the number of exhibitors has increased, as well as the number of countries represented (2955 and 60 respectively in the 2016 edition).

This year, 18-21 September are the days chosen for the event and, in addition to the five trade fair segments represented - which include sectors such as rail technology and infrastructure, public transport, rail tunnel construction and interior cladding - will also be complemented by the InnoTrans Convention, a high-level business support programme.

InnoTrans also stands out for its unique open-air exhibition area on a 3500-metre-long track, where everything from tank wagons to high-speed trains can be seen. 

Electricfor will  showcase its customised thermoelectric solutions for heating passenger carriages and crew cabs where optimum comfort is required. Among these solutions we can find electric batteries for HVAC equipment, electric heaters for air heating, heaters for toilet modules, railway and tramway track heaters, flat tubular elements or finned heaters.

Gastech - which is presented in a trade  fair and conference format - has always been at the forefront of the international gas and energy market, with a history that goes back more than 45 years. This world-renowned event is considered one of the most important meeting points for international energy professionals.

Gastech has quickly become a  next-generation energy event, hosting major integrated energy companies, global utilities, contractors, shipbuilders, pipeline companies, manufacturers such as Electricfor, technology providers and service companies, all of them with a significant active role in the global energy value chain.

In the case of Electricfor, its primary objective and strong commitment for this Gastech edition are the presentations of its new  ATEX products in the oil and gas sector. It is important to underline that Electricfor has a specific directive for these cases and that it can be checked at the following link:

For further information about Electricfor's complete product catalogue and its presence at InnoTrans and Gastech, please  contact its sales department.

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New collection

Oct 2 2018

New product

New collection

Launch of the new collection of coffee table in wood and aluminium
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Customer Services and Benefits
  • Full Service Customer Account Management
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  • Free Engineering and Free New Part Design
  • Attention to Detail
  • Product Reliability
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  • Customer “Needs-Based” Perspective
    Visit our website at
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This 240+ page 166.1 catalogue supplement from Elesa complements their main index with 4,268 codes for new products and range extensions.
Product categories include: handwheels and crank handles, clamping knobs, clamping levers, lift and pull handles, fixed and revolving handles, control knobs and levers, position indicators. The extended product range also covers: indexing elements, machine components, levelling feet, hinges, latches, hydraulic accessories, castors, connecting clamps and special handles.
Taken together, the 166 catalogue and the 166.1 supplement deliver a massive 44,000+ standard machine components for manufacturing industry.
Both the 166 catalogue and the 166.1 supplement can be requested via Elesa's  media and service link.
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Eurodifroid is now working with ELIWELL France which offers the FreeSmart and FreeAdvance ranges for more complex regulations requiring customized programs.
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MD, Tom Sensier: “We are proud to be at the first-ever H&C EXPO, showing our innovative MM7000-2D, the next big step in smart temperature data capture, helping to make your connected kitchen a reality.”

H&C EXPO is a great opportunity for TME to showcase its innovative MM7000-2D Barcode Scanning Thermometer to leading names in the hotels, restaurants, catering, hospitals and education space. We will arrive in style with our vintage display campervan all kitted out with the latest innovations in temperature technology.
About H&C EXPO
This new event focusses on how we can all play a part in safeguarding the future of our sector. We know we live      in uncertain times but we also know how resilient and innovative our industry can be.
H&C EXPO has been developed by speaking to the industry to see what it wants from its future, resulting in an exciting programme that explores what’s new and current in the industry and how we can shape what lies ahead. We will be using the event as an opportunity to contribute to this debate and to showcase our innovative range of catering thermometers, data loggers and probes.  
It’s free to attend by registering here.

About the MM7000-2D
TME’s second generation Barcode Scanning Thermometer is the next big step in temperature recording, now with 1D & 2D barcode scanning for enhanced product/location data capture, and housed in a new waterproof case. A compact, hand-held device delivering an all-in-one paperless solution, and compatible with a wide range of temperature probes suitable for all industries.

Key Features
Scans 1D&2D barcodes from paper, plastic cards, mobile phones, LCD displays.
?      Compact, IP65 waterproof case with protective rubber boot for hard-working environments.
?      Large clear LCD temperature display, also showing visual alarms and corrective action prompts.
?      Mobile storage of up to 1,000 readings with a choice of Bluetooth or USB data upload.
?      FREE software for exporting data (CSV/Excel), translating barcodes and assigning alarms.
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Elesa’s chrome on plastic technology is particularly suitable for applications on machines and equipment whose parts, for hygienic reasons, must be frequently cleaned by using water jets or steam. It is therefore often a suitable replacement for stainless steel in many arduous or specialist situations at a very considerable cost saving.

Example items are the VC.692-CR lobe knob series for machine control, coupled with ERX-CR adjustable clamping handles and the CQT.FM-CR quarter turn lever latches for enclosure locking to IP65.

This chrome finished polyamide technopolymer range is an expanding feature within the extensive Elesa portfolio of standard industrial components as the chrome-plating finish makes the surface finish semi-glossy and homogeneous to facilitate cleaning operations and is tested at -30°C up to +80°C.

The chrome-plated surface is resistant to wear, scrapes and shocks. In laboratory tests carried out at ambient temperature (23°C), the chrome-plated surface proved to be resistant to: sea water, detergents, acetone, ethyl alcohol, formic acid and chlorine solutions.

Further information regarding Elesa chrome on engineering plastic products may be found at: or follow them on twitter:
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Elesa profile compatible mounting components speed the process of producing industrial frames, screens and machine guards using standard 30/40mm aluminium profile extrusions.

These brackets and mounting pieces provide robust, adjustable connection between the frame and other rod type mountings with clamping bolts, lever clamps and allen key clamp screws. They can also use adjustable clamping levers which enable rapid movement and re-setting of positions.

They are designed to aid in fitting of adjustable levelling/mounting feet for current setting of the screen or housing.

GN 145 connecting clamps, LMTF threaded connections and MSM-BS bases for pivoting connecting clamps are manufactured in cast aluminium and steel for strength and longevity. Where appropriate they have been designed to accept Elesa clamping lever arms and other modular mounting components.

Further information regarding Elesa Profile Compatible products may be found at: or follow them on twitter:
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Public Tenders Service

Oct 2 2018

New product

Public Tenders Service

E-mail alerts daily
The best online platform international
Smart search engine
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A new solution that enables companies to find business opportunities of its activity, and that promotes communication between professionals in each area of the business.
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Less administrative costs, and proposed with the most competitive prices and less time spent to analyze and decide.
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Dantherm are participating in a wide range of international exhibitions and trade shows.
Find out where to meet us at our website.
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When speciality fabric manufacturer Vlisco approached Hosokawa Micron Ltd seeking a contained drum handling solution to provide a physical barrier between the operator and product to protect their workforce from contact with airborne, fabric dye particles, they were explicit in the challenges that needed to be met.
These including the safe handling of drums of various sizes and the de-lidding, opening and emptying of drums into a reactor vessel within a contained environment.
Hosokawa Micron engineers responded with a bespoke designed drum tipping glovebox, built around the dye reactor vessel, that met all the customer’s requirements including an Operator Exposure Level of <5 µg/m?3; to protect operators potentially harmful dusts.
Drums and kegs of different sizes and weights are presented to the glovebox on a roller track and manually moved into the glovebox before being connected to the drum tipper. Drums are de-lidded and bags opened before special container clamps suitable for handling a range of weights/sizes attach the drums to the lifting/tipping device. The drums are then automatically lifted, rotated and dropped onto the reactor where they are located into position to secure and reduce dust creation on discharge.
The system is operated under a nitrogen blanket to minimise dust explosion risk and is engineered for ATEX compliance with drum lifting and rotation operated by intrinsically safe air motors.
As the reactor vessel contains hydrochloric acid, special coatings are applied to the glovebox chamber and plastic parts were used to make up the filter and extraction systems utilising plastic fans, pipework and plastic coated valves and filters.
As an original and heritage textile design company, Vlisco welcomed Hosokawa’s bespoke approach to providing a purpose designed containment solution that reduced both manual handling of drums and operator risk.
Michiel Soolsma, Process & Quality Engineer, Vlisco says, ‘From the first contact, Hosokawa made a great impression by understanding our problems and coming up with possible solutions. Although we needed more time before starting the project, Hosokawa showed patience and assisted us when asked.
From the start to the end of the project Hosokawa showed their experience and engineered a glovebox that is operator friendly and could be integrated in our new installation.
I personally enjoyed working together with their engineers on this project with Hosokawa.’
For over 170 years, Vlisco has created more than 350,000 original textile designs. Many of these designs have become cultural treasures, bestowed with special names and meanings by the merchants of Central and West Africa.
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